tina gillis,wishnevski
Posted 05/22/2011 1:48:22 PM PDT

I knew Myron for most of my life, I lived in same neighborhood, he was my teacher,he was my ref @ my basketball games and other sports @ willowcreek school, also he was my umpire @ my softball games in south haven, he was even @ my husband ,Rob Wishnevski & my wedding in 2000. But also have something in common w\ Myron is my oldest son Joel was diagnosed with AML leukemia the same time he was. My son spent 9 months In-patient @ Rileys Childrens Hospital in INDY. Hes 5 yrs in remission. But during my sons grueling fight for his life, I was @ his side and missed Myrons funeral, which hurt me ,but I know he & his family understands. I truly feel & know in my heart if Mr. MYRON FESSLER WASNT. A part of my life I wouldnt have went the road I did. The most memrable moments were when he would be speaking @ willowcreek middle school in the gym. The moment they announced his name the kids , yelled, clapped, and it took always so long to quiet the kids so Myron could speak. He was respected & loved by everyone that had the honor of knowing him. I miss him and I know im surly not the only one. And to his family, he adored so much, his girls and beautiful ,loving wife. Im so greatly sorry for your tremendous lose of a wonderfull, hard working, loving husband & father. He was a one of a kind ,that did make difference in this world in so many ways. Your so missed, but all you did is so remembered , that it makes me feel your still with us. Ill see u again one day, I hope u are the one waiting for me at the pearly gates in HEAVEN. I CAN SEE YOUR SMILE ALREADY. thankyou for all you have done for me and my husband , Rob Wishnevski. LOVE & FRIENDS, TINA(GILLIS)WISHNEVSKI