Posted 03/09/2006 9:36:14 PM PDT

Fess-man... I've been crying and crying all week, but then.. there are the stories. They always crack me up. I saw Natalie Z. mentioned your smile. The picture I have of you is soOo perfect. Your cock-eyed smile and all. I know you hated pictures... but trust me, you'd like this one. Courtney told me about your little mishap in class one time. Need a hankie?! I think you know what I'm talking about.. but I'd rather not embarrass her. Haha. Fess- somehow, I feel that somehow, you know what is being said on here. Maybe God is telling you.. or letting you read them, but I can feel it in my heart. When I talk... I know your still listening like you always have been. And although I can't see you, I know you're there. You have to be, your spirit is floating in all of the hearts of the hundreds and hundreds of people that I've seen in the past few days, and more. Thank you for keeping me strong today, Fess. Especially when I got back to school. (I really wanted to hit him Fess...and I'm not so sure you would have mind). Anyway, I love you soo much!!!!! I'll be keeping you in my heart, Love Lindsay