Melinda Jarnecke
Posted 03/09/2006 3:13:16 PM PDT

i know you wouldnt want us sad and crying, fess, but i can't help it. you were an amazing person. and your legacy will live on forever in all of the hearts you ever touched. in a way, your funeral was very beautiful today. i know you are amongst the angels now, which is exactly where you belong. I cared about you and loved you so much, Fess...You were one of the most lovely, and amazing, and brave, and stubborn people I've ever known. I'm so honored to have had you as a teacher. You were loved far beyond words. You always will be. I'll never forget you Fess. And God bless you're family, they're amazing as well. I miss you so much, but I know you're out of pain and in a better place. And in your 58 years of life, you have touched so many hearts and taught so many minds and held on to so many hands. I know you'll never let go...I love you, Fess.