Rick Koen
Greenwood, IN
Posted 03/08/2006 1:43:12 PM PDT

The Doors to Heaven Swung Wide By Rick Koen   I saw a bright flash from above me As the doors to heaven swung wide. He paused and looked back at the doorstep Then smiled and stepped inside.   "Wait! Come back! You're too young," I cried, "There's so much in life left to live!" But the smile on his face made it clear to me That heaven had more to give.   We ponder the loss and fight with our faith How could one so good now be gone? Is this really all that we're here for? How can I find the strength to go on?   Then reflection reveals the full life that he lead The wonderful things he had done. Maybe God's plan for him was fulfilled And now it was time to go home.   Some people live a full life in short spans, While some long lives are never complete. But life doesn't end if we let Jesus in And he makes forever so sweet.   So I think of him now in angel's attire Singing anthems in heaven above. Forever untroubled or worried with cares As he basks in the warmth of God's love.   Life on earth is complete for each of us When in heaven God lets us reside And I hope that one day we'll all share with him The light and the love at God's side.   Myron, you were a great teacher and positive example for so many. I know today you are celebrating with God in ways we cannot even fathom... Rick Koen