Margo Fornari-Warnke
Posted 03/08/2006 7:12:52 AM PDT

Gerry, Daughters, & Family, I am deeply sadden by the loss of Myron. His legecy will live on through what he has left here. You see it's his godly character that Myron has left to all of us, his integrity, loyalty, love of children, family, friends, his example of determination, encouragement, morality, respect of others, will live on in my family, and thousands of other families for each child that he taught, coached, mentored. It may never be known just how much he poured out of himself to others but Myron is the kind of person that no one will ever forget. May God's grace and comfort help you through the days ahead. Myron will be missed by all who had the privledge of knowing him. Margo