Lindsay Shay
Posted 03/06/2006 4:33:10 AM PDT

Admiral Fess and Family, I recently heard a talk that reminded me of Mr. Fessler. The talk was about Jesus, and Mr. Fessler reflected this all so well. "They had heard him speak, but tonight was different. Though he had been their teacher, he had been their closest friend. He had known each of them intimately." Mr. Fessler put his heart and soul into his teachings, and it is no wonder that he touched so many souls. He will live forever in heart, as I know he will in many others. He's looking down on us from Heaven, I can feel it. I thank you God, for taking care of our Fess. Take care up there Fess, I'm going to miss you until we meet again in Heaven. I love you with all of my heart. Love Lindsay