Amber Blejski
Posted 03/04/2006 10:53:28 AM PDT

hey fess ive been stopping by alot the last week leaving you comments and telling you how loved you are and how much we are all praying for you... well last night was my birthday party && all the girls from 2004-2005 8th grade class were over.. most of em newayz.. and we were all thinking about you we kept hearing false news... and it was the worst it was really upsetting.. then when we heard you were okay.. but probably not going to make it.. we were upset but we prayed.. && this morning hearing that you actually passed was the worst birthday present ever.. it sucks... you'll be so missed you were loved by soo many.. words cant even describe.. your in a better place && now you can watch over all of us and laugh at us just like you would when you were here.. you were the best willowcreek will never be the same.. you made that school..<3 im really sorry for your family RIP we love you and miss you.. we'll always be thinking of you