Jamie Schmidt
Posted 03/04/2006 10:44:10 AM PDT

I wish I would have done something sooner. But I guess that's how it is being human. We let things slip. There's always tomorrow. People don't know what they have until it's gone, and I think that's one of the biggest problems we have to overcome in life. Although it's heartbreaking, death teaches us to be grateful. It provides us with a sense of mortality, allowing us to make the most of our lives. During your lifetime, you've touched many children. You were an active part of our community, and a friend to all. And now you're an example. You've taught us to be strong, even when it's hard. And most importantly, you've taught us to count our blessings -- and to really enjoy every day, because we never will know if it will be our last. My only hope is that some day i will be able to be as strong as you are. rest in peace. you deserve some.