Portage, IN
Posted 03/03/2006 11:00:34 PM PDT

Just felt I should leave a little note on here for Fessler. It's been funny over the last few days. Ever since he went into ICU everytime I run into someone around Portage the first thing out of their mouths has been "Did you hear about how Fessler's doing?" I never had him as my teacher, but I remember vividly the wonderful field trip to Washington DC I took with him my 8th grade year (though I will overlook the fact that he nearly left me and another student at a mall in Philadelphia after miscounting on the bus haha). Any student of his will always tell you he's one of the greatest teachers they've ever had and this in it self speaks volumes. The mark of a great teacher is that he can name a handfull of students whom he's felt like he really touched when there are a thousand more who's names and faces have faded over time and yet still somewhere they're recalling middle school memories going "This one time I remember Mr. Fessler..." I doubt anyone can ever comprehend the impact a teacher like Fess leaves on his students. I hope now he can look down and say "so that's what I did!" And I hope his family can find comfort from this.. knowing that every student who passed through his classroom carries a little piece of him in them and that because of that he will truly always be alive. I believe that his final lesson to us comes from his last journal entry- "I promise to stay on top forever". He went down fighting with a courage that cannot be put into words and a dignity and grace that are undefinded. I can only hope that if ever in that situation I could do the same. My prayers are with his family and friends. God Bless You All.