Crystal Macchiarella
Tinley Park, IL
Posted 03/03/2006 7:20:16 PM PDT

Dearest Myron, I heard the news today that you are not doing well, and I wanted to let you know a few things. First, you have been such an inspiration to so many people. When I met you at Willowcreek Middle School, you treated me like I was worth something and that meant to the world to me. I was not just a kid in your eyes, but a young adult. You made me believe that anything was possible, if you just believed and worked towards it. You made many of your students realize that they are worth something, even when people did not have hope for them. Secondly, you have always been a strong man with very strong beliefs. I can rememeber watching you as a coach and you motivating your team with "your" words of wisdom. They were the best words that any of us could have heard and still hear in the back of our minds, because you believed in them and us. Myron, I am praying for you and your family. This is difficult for everyone who loves you, because we all hate to see someone that we love hurt and in pain. I pray that the good Lord will give you the strength that you have given all of us in your life time. I pray for your healing and peace. Myron, I am a better person for knowing someone like you. I can only hope to encourge the people that I come across, the way that you encourged me as a "young adult." Thank you Myron, for everything. With Love, Crystal Macchiarella