Amanda, Lauren, and Jenny Pacheco, Wighaman, Rocha
Posted 03/03/2006 4:55:09 PM PDT

Hey fessy its Amanda just wanted to say that i know you will get better and that you will fight this! it is not your time yet! and that u are in all of our prayers. I love you alot fess and i hope u get better! Fessler!!!! Hey, i know you will make it keep trying and we all are praying for you!! Keep on trying, and we are all in this with you!!! I love you!! Lauren fess.... u cant go know...i remember when u would drive by and honk u cant stop that now ... i will never for get those days!! stay stong.. u will always be in my heart.. u are my role modle and alaways will be...i will pray 4 u and always think of u ... we are with u through it all!! Jenny