Andrea Falk
Posted 03/03/2006 2:48:53 PM PDT

Hey Fess! Gosh, I haven't written to you in such a long time. I miss it, not to mention I deeply miss seeing you when I’m back at Willowcreek. I’m doing fine, high school is okay too, but guess what! I shattered a joint in my finger playing basketball 1.5 months ago and now I’m doing physical therapy on it. It hurts but I know that with strength and determination it will get better – just like you will. You’re in my daily thoughts and prayers and my friends and I constantly think about you. Actually, you’re getting even more popular than you before. Now, my whole church knows about you and we are continuing to pray for you as you fight this disease. Don’t worry fess, we love you. Peace out homie <3, FALK!