Courtney Glos
Posted 03/02/2006 8:08:47 PM PDT

hey fess! i missed you today! i miss you everyday. just thought id let you know that im doing pretty good. softball is great. i hope you can make it out to one of my games (finally :])school is good too. im keeping those grades up. i regret to inform you that i lost my aunt debbie to lung cancer two weeks ago. my grandpa is still fighting off the liver cancer. you are all always in my prayers. im still going to umpire this summer up at PJM, but not as much as last year because i'll be working more at walgreens. my knee is doing much better. i have to start doing the physical therapy excercises again though, so that i dont hurt it for softball. this year is going to be so much fun. another thing i wanted to tell you about is project flip-flop. it was started by the singer of a band i listen to, and he is fighting leukemia right now. they are twelve dollars a pair, so spread the word to your family and stuff. im going to order them in a bulk amount and they come in small (6-8 womens) and medium (9-10 womens). they are for men too, though. i love you a lot and i hope to see you soon. take care.