Kim Payne
Posted 03/01/2006 10:03:58 PM PDT

Hey Fess! so i have seen this page now over a 100 times and everytime i go on it with the intention of signing something to you, and 1 of two things happens. A. I get kinda choked up and click off, or B. I cant think of what to write. but i guess i just figured it out. All I wanna say it is an honor and privledge to know you! And you gotta get better soon because lets face it, Willowcreek is nothing with out you and me (better say wheeler too so that he doesnt cry and make a scene) come on Fess! i leave for 4 years and ask you to hold down fort! Yesh! but seriously you are in my thoughts and prayers and you know that you have been and always will be. Talk to ya later Fess!