Erica Armstrong
Posted 03/01/2006 7:51:53 PM PDT

Mr. Fessler i hear about you everyday not always good news but the point is we are all thinking of you. I thought about you all day today actually. This entire time i have had faith that you would make it through this and i know you are having the fight of your life and i hope you come out the winner. I realized today how much of a difference you have made in so many peoples lives: your family, friends, and students including me. I could have never appreciated and loved middle school the way i did if i never got to experience being your friend or your student. I honestly wish there was something more i could do just anything that would make a difference or be meaningful.or maybe there is and i just havent thought of it yet. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers fess, please fight through this! I Love You Fessler! love always, Erica Armstrong