Katie Hargarten
Portage, IN 46368
Posted 03/01/2006 3:18:45 PM PDT

Hey Fess! I was thinkin about you today, ALOT actually...and i was just thinkin about Willowcreek and all those good times! Man, we had a blast, didn't we? All those basketball games and track meets...and all those days of just goofin' around when really, we should have been grading papers, we were just talking and doing SOFTBALL stuff! Ugghh! man, that was hard work...all that organizing! I can just picture you makin Val and me go and clean the trophies and sort through uniforms for softball, well I don't think I was supposed to tell you, but when we were cleaning those trophies..we accidently broke one! Now don't get mad, because it was really funny, and those are the times that just make us laugh, ya know? Those were the memories that we made at good ole' Willowcreek! School has been kindda hectic, and I haven't been able to come and see you, and I really apologize, and i just want you to know that I haven't forgotten one memeory of us and all the girls like Hannah, Val, Kacey Korn, KCB, Stacy, Sid, and all the rest of the girls! I just miss that! and I miss you terribly Fess! I can't wait til you show this infection who's boss because I am just so excited to see you! Hannah says hi, shes right here, and we both believe that God is gonna help you through this Fess! Just have faith and stay strong! We love you! Love, Katie :)