Sam Schmidt
Henderson, NV
Posted 02/25/2006 1:26:33 PM PDT

Myron, My name is Sam Schmidt and I am a friend of Chuck's (Irish hotrod), but don't hold that against me. Anyway, without going into great detail, My family and I have also dealt with many challenges and a rollercoaster of events since our "perfect life" was over turned 6 years ago. We have spent our fair share of time in the hospital as well and, needless to say, our family will be praying for you everyday this week as you under go more chemo. From your web site, you certainly have an abundance of loving friends and family which is absolutely the most important thing in life. I am sure everyone has already given you every verse in the Bible related to trusting in God and perseverance, but my personal favorite is Romans 8: 12-24. Take care and we hope you can return home as soon as possible. Sam and Sheila Schmidt