Chuck "The Irish Hot Rod" Whelan
Posted 02/23/2006 3:26:40 PM PDT

One white & wintry Christmas Eve in a village, long ago, A young child took a journey, leaving footprints in the snow. Clutched within her tiny hand she carried a small tattered heart, Fashioned from some scraps of cloth, wrapped in the charm of childlike art. A manger scene of wood & straw was the child's destination, Her only Christmas wish, to join Christ's birthday celebration. She placed her precious handmade gift upon the straw with care, And before she turned to leave, whispered a simple prayer. The villagers who stood nearby recall that night with awe, Retelling every detail of the miracle they saw... A second set of footprints appeared next to the girl's own. They seemed to walk right by her side, to see her safely home. But there's no mystery in the presence of this unseen Friend-For once God's touched your heart, you'll never walk alone again.