Loretta and Roger Redelman
Fairfax, VA
Posted 02/21/2006 7:52:09 AM PDT

Hi Myron, I will try again today--for some reason mye-mails are not going through. Roger just left for softball training--spring training for the "old guys and girls". Talked to Gerry the other night and got the update--so sorry. Anyway, the fight goes on and you are the toughest and the most determined person through all of this. One of your messages was from Elizabeth and Matt Guggiemetti--are they the children of Pete and Betty? Mom and Dad were very good friends of Pete and Betty and would visit back and forth. Isn't it funny how generations keep making connections with generations? Anyway, you are all in our thoughts and prayers--every day--we love you all so very much. Loretta and Roger