Tony Donohue
Posted 02/13/2006 10:30:43 AM PDT

So, yea about Lynch's V-day gift, it was a nice watch, but i told her, us guys, we wait untill the last minute to get our ladies gifts... right? well i dont have a lady for this v day.. anyway, super bowl. not to good.. i was definatly going for the seahawks, i leave for seattle on Thursday! Are you going to watch the Daytona 500 for me on sunday? What else has been new? IM going to be an UNCLE!! can u beleive that? Nikki is due sometime in September. She was suppose to get married, but i dont know, she needs to finish college and everything first. Went to the Auto Show on Friday night with Trent, it was pretty fun! Anyway, cant wait for March Madness, and i miss the days when u let us watch it at lunch, hopefully i can talk Mrs. Lynch into letting us turn it on! Well im going to go now, best of wishes to you mr. fessler, and i ll send you another message here in a few weeks! Get well soon Fess! TD