Posted 02/13/2006 10:21:52 AM PDT

Fessler, Rich went to get his stitches taken out of his finger today, but turns out only a couple could be taken out as it was not healed completely. So, he has to go back Thursday. I'm surprised he's not taking Thursday off to make it a two day work week. So, after the doctor, we went to Barnes&Nobles, and after he bought his hockey magazine (new sport), I asked, "have you bought me anything for V-day?" and he replied, "not yet." Seeing as to how it's tomorrow, I made him pay for the stuff I had for myself, then we came home and I threw his V-day gift at him, which, by the way, was a Tom Brady Patriots watch that I bought 6 weeks ago!!!! Well, I"m sure that story doesn't surprise you, hope it entertained you... I can't believe you're still on the treadmill, you're amazing! Take care, Marissela