Amy Hartstirn
Columbus, IN
Posted 02/10/2006 5:36:10 AM PDT

Myron, I'm getting excited to see you tomorrow. And I'm sure you can hardly sit still thinking about seeing your cousin Amy. The weather appears to be holding out, though I'll probably pack a few extra things just in case we can't get home or I crap my pants while Debra is driving!!!! We are sending Mary Grace to defensive driving school this summer, maybe we can get a two for one and Debra can join her. Mary is so relaxed while driving, she's got that gansta lean going on, where she's just about in the passenger seat! Man it's crazy. She also likes to drive with her left leg bent and her foot up on the seat! How she gets her 6'1 frame into that contortion I'll never know. Anyway, try and have a good day today and know that we all love you and I'll see you tomorrow morning. Love, Amy