Loretta and Roger Redelman
Fairfax, VA
Posted 02/07/2006 12:56:05 PM PDT

Hi Myron and Gerry, Another day in good old Virginia. The sun is shining but it is cold out. Roger did his softball workout this morning--and lost his glasses. Or, I should say, forgot where he put them--he never (HAHA)loses anything. I'm feeling much better that the house is clean--the two ladies really do a good job--I am really getting lazy in my 70th year!!!! Roger is going to have to go shopping for some Steeler jerseys--he bet Chris and Josh (they are radical Steeler fans) that if the Steelers won, he would buy two Steeler jerseys and wear them for a week and then give them to the boys. If Seattle won--he would buy a Bears jersey and they would have to wear it for a week. Either way--he ends up on the short end--....I will try to talk to Gerry today--you are always in our prayers--just hang in there. Glad Gerry was able to spend the night with you--she is very good company. Love you lots, Aunt Loretta and Uncle Roger