Loretta and Roger Redelman
Fairfax, VA
Posted 02/05/2006 11:58:27 AM PDT

Hi Again, Glad Dawn and Gerry can be with you today. It is a pretty nice day here--sunny but windy and chilly. I just got back from Costco--I have enough chicken breasts and thighs to last us through the summer. Roger has been on the phone with Cox cable for hours and hours--we finally broke down and got HD on the TV---and it has been screwed up since they installed it. Besides, it is just too complicated to operate--two remotes and not all stations are in HD. Oh well, we have until tonight--if all else fails--we can go across the street and sponge off of our neighbors. Thinking about you all today--prayed for you in church and every night in my prayers. I pray that you feel God's presence as you go through these next weeks and know that he is near. And at night just turn your troubles over to him--he is going to be up all night anyway. Take care yourselves--we send our love and hugs, Auntie