The Better Half
Posted 02/05/2006 9:59:03 AM PDT

Hi Fessler, It's me, the BPA member. I'm sure you've been dying to know the results of the Outstanding Young Man competition, that took place last night at PHS, so here they are: OYM 2006=Eric Ruiz, 1st Runner Up=Joe Morales, 2nd=Bryan Norkus, 3rd=Kris Evans, and 4th=Radley Alcantara. Marc Santaromana got a "good guy" award. The guys vote for that one, I think. Of course, Rich did not go with me, so he missed all the fun. Rich has his finger surgery tomorrow, you know you couldn't be the only one in the hospital. For his Sec125, he signed up for the accident insurance. He already hurt his back, what else is he planning on doing? Ok, since this is already long, I'll save the rest for later. Love, Marissela, Lynch and Jenna (our new addition)