Jim Nelson
Portage, Indiana
Posted 01/29/2006 6:56:37 PM PDT

Hi Myron. Remember me? Many years coaching at IU Northwest and also playing softball with you calling all the balls and strikes in the Haven? I hope you know that my smile-filled greetings at the softball fields or in the video store or wherever were my way of saying that I respect you. I probably never said it but I do. (Even in the heat of the moment in the great sports world we share.) Too bad it takes injuries or illnesses for people to come forward and befriend those in need. You are a genuine person. I never realized how many lives you touch and smiles you provoke. But now I can see you have obviously touched my own. You are tough on the field and on the court and I can never lose my cool without thinking what you might say! haha I've read dozens of entries in this guest book and I am proud to say we are all very lucky to know you. So you remember that and beat this and get back out to Fessler's Fields!