Posted 01/29/2006 12:25:20 PM PDT

Myron, Mike and I just finished reading the article about your continuing battle and the lives you've touched on a daily basis. I'm not sure if you will remember this, but I actually met you long before I met Michael. I was being trained at the Fegley course for Challenge Ed, and it happened to be during one of the most difficult times of my life. The worst of it had literally occurred the evening prior to the first training day. The last thing I wanted was to go through a "bonding" session with a bunch of strangers. You happened to be one of those "strangers." I remember admiring your zest for life and how you radiated happiness. You made me laugh, something I wasn't doing much of at that time. By the end of Day Three as we sat around talking,I found myself sharing things with you and the others that I hadn't even told my closest friends or family. You reminded me that life throws challenges at all of us, and the way we either rise or bow to those challenges make us the people we are in the long run. You encouraged me to rise above this difficult time and to stay joyful. I had known you for only thre days, but I never forgot that advice. I chose to follow it, and I thank you for that wisdom. I wasn't lucky enough to have had you as a teacher, or work alongside you. So I don't know you as well as many of these people who obviously think the world of you. You probably did not even know how much those words helped. I thought it was time you did. Use that same advice to fight this battle. Thinking of you. Ruth Wenger