.:Lindsay & Ashley:. Shay
Por Tah Hey
Posted 12/16/2005 6:50:01 PM PDT

Hey Admiral! haven't commented in a while! hope you are doing swell! im soooo excited! today was the last day of school and my golden/sweet sixteen birthday! people have been making snowflakes for you at school. its awesome. i hope everything is running smoothly up there. i cant even imagine how tired of this you must be, but hang in there. i hope you have the best holidays in the world, you definitely deserve it. -my little sister says hi and hope you get well soon, shes heard a lot about you through me and zach-and why wouldnt i tell her about the best teacher in the universe?-stop being modest, you know your a rockin good teacher.. kids fight over you in aces. ever seen a bunch of nerds throw fists? haha just kidding.. aces is awesomely awesome! i wanna be on it! well all of my prays and love, lindsay- and ashley the "ankle biter" <-at least thats what mrs. drake calls them (sixth graders) haha---word.