Tiffiny Knotts
Posted 11/15/2005 6:22:22 PM PDT

HEY FESS!!!!!!!!! It has been a while... I guess when Newcomb said I was being to long winded I took offense and so I did not write....LOL!! No just terribly busy this time of year. I subbed for Lynchmonster today... His classes were ok except 10mod... they are true heathens....just like LYNCH.. I am so glad everything is improving. I can not wait until you are back in school and I can come and have lunch with you in your class room instead of having to eat with Lynch and BMAC... between me and you those two are BORING! and all Lynch wants to talk about is how great the COLTS are.... You know he is such a great colts fan...LOL! December is going to be an exciting month for us here in the KNOTTS' household. The exchange student I had back in 2001-2002 from Argentina is coming here on Dec 6th and she is bringing her sister who is 15. They will be staying with us until the middle of January. Will have to keep an eye on Kyle though... The 15yr old is a very pretty girl... and I imagine that a 14yr old boy plus 'hormones' might equal trouble... Rob says Hello and keep fighting.. we need you on the field next year. Ok well I will let you get some rest now that I have bored you into a sleepy slumber.. Stay STRONG and POSITIVE... the prayers continue to flow for you and your family as well... GET HOME SOON... Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the thought of HOSPITAL FOOD on Thanksgiving could churn even the strongest of stomachs...LOL.. The Knotts' Family..