Jeff Hassen
Posted 11/14/2005 5:11:06 AM PDT

Coach Fessler, I just found out about your battle from my nephew who is in 6th grade at Willowcreek. I know from experience that you were able to will your players to victory...and will do the same in your own personal battle. Though I played middle linebacker from 9th grade on...when I was in 8th grade you played me at Tight End. I don't know that I caught a pass all year until the final game against Fegley. We were down by a few points with less than a minute to go inside their 10 yard line and you called a timeout. In the huddle you called a Hot Pass Right (or something like that) and said "Catch the freakin' ball Hassen". Thankfully I did. The look in your eyes said that you'd still be after me today if I hadn't! Doug Meyne (the QB) and I still laugh about that periodically today. Coach, use that kind of determination to beat this thing so that you can get back to instilling the will to win in the young men coming up today. Good Luck. Jeff Hassen ('92)