Loretta and Roger Redelman
Fairfax, VA
Posted 11/13/2005 8:41:31 AM PDT

Hi, I arrived home safe--Roger was right there to meet me--and carry all of the luggage. HAHAHA We stopped to eat on the way home--one more meal out!!! I unpacked and am now repacking--bought cookies at the Christmas bazaar to take to WV--the grands will think I spent all morning in the kitchen. Roger is out clearing leaves--our backyard is a mess--where is Farris when I need him? So good to hear the counts are up--we will keep praying that the rise continues. It was wonderful to see you all--a great week--and I now can appreciate what the Fessler family is going through. And hey--I will always be there for you--pick up the phone and give me a "jingle"--we are family. Love you all so very much--Auntie Loretta