Posted 11/12/2005 1:20:05 PM PDT

Fess, Sounds like things are on the right track. As you know I'm covering Builder's Club while you are gone. Today we had a group rake leaves for the elerly around the community. It was great we had about 17 kids show, and there were other groups from the high school. We met at Woodland and buses drove us around town. It was great to see so many kids lending a hand. Horn is tackling the bookfair for me, and I'll be helping him this week Mon-Wed while classes come in. We are wingin' it that's for sure. Horn has been a huge help! Can't believe how much work this actually is. Can't wait until you come back. So many things to catch up on. I know you and Tim have seen a lot of each other during your previous return, but I'd like for the four of us to do dinner again. You and Ger are in my prayers every day. Miss and love you both! Marcella