Posted 11/10/2005 7:48:01 AM PDT

fess- alright already, get your butt back here and lead our group of mighty braves. we need your abiltiy to make decisions for our group. we have been talking for a month about doing something like we always have done after our half day tomorrow. talked about golf, bowling, the village, or a boat run. now here is what we have. timbo can't do anything that requires back muscles as he threw his back out. bmac is now an avid pheasant hunter with of all people, captain condo. the same condo who actually hooked larry tharp's dad with a downrigger on the lake one day. now we are gonna give him a gun to shoot birds? cuddles malaski still is recovering from his first run at the florida trip which he handled very well. solly is still trying to figure out how the white sox won the whole thing with a guy named OZ, afterall he is the true wizard of OZ to us. as for myself, i'm a bit run down from masters program stuff, grooming tommy bonez, and started softball this week. all are good things though. So like I told ya in the preamble, we need you back here to guide us my friend. this is a group than needs boundaries, and your jsut the guy we have come to count on for that. hug ger for us, see ya soon. love smitty