Sheli O'Dell
Glendale, AZ
Posted 11/01/2005 7:53:48 AM PDT

Hi Myron, well, your big day is coming up. I have faith that the good Lord is going to see you through this just fine. But we'll keep sending our prayers his way, I'm sure He is being bombarded by them!!! You have so many people pulling for you, it is just a testament to the fact that you are truly an inspiration and role model to all that you have come across. Well not to rub it in anymore, but how bout them Sox? I remember you giving me sh** when I wore a Sox hat to one of the softball games, and us debating Sox vs. Cubs. Looks like I had the better argument, eh? Now you have to endure the next year hearing World champs mentioned with the Sox name. Well, maybe there's always next year for the Cubs, after all if the Red & White can both win after years of futility, why not throw a bone to the Cubs faithful? My husband is going to get me for this rant, he is a diehard Cubs fan also, it's amazing we've been married for nearly 15 years!! Well enough kidding, I wish you the best over the next few days, and for the rest of your long long life!! All our love & prayers, The O'Dell family