Loretta and Roger Redelman
Fairfax, VA
Posted 10/31/2005 8:05:49 AM PDT

Hi Myron and Gerry, Good to hear that the chemo is almost over and that the road to VICTORY nearing completion. Hang in there--Thanksgiving is around the corner. Bad day for DC--Redskins bombed and Jason's Eagles went down. Of course, Roger is happy!! Jack Routes is coming into town in a couple of weeks--NIH stuff. He will spend one night with us--it will be good to see him. Going to WV for a few days to help with Carter and Spencer--Stacie going to NY on business--we get to spoil the kids. Think of you everyday-and I'm sure God says everynight--"Who is that Myron person?--send some more angels down to watch over him." Love you all very much, Aunt Loretta and Uncle Roger