Susan J.
Posted 10/29/2005 9:42:46 AM PDT

Hi, Myron Thinking of you daily and glad to hear that you have so much good news. My husband is in New York today with my sister-in-law. She is starting her fourth week of her third month long round of chemo. They matched her with a German stem cell donor last December through an international data base. She had such a strong negative physical reaction the the prep drugs that she was no longer a candidate for the transplant. You are so fortunate to have a match and a prognosis that is so promising. You only missed your wife's birthday by a day with such a strong committment to that goal you set for yourself. I am sure you have set the holidays for your next goal, sooner if possible, but when there is a will there is often a way and turkey with your clan is what I am helping you pull for. Keep fightin'!