Day #5-Monday, October 31st
Last day of the double shots of Chemo-Have about 2 hours left out of 7-then freedom til tomorrow. The last day is a very aggressive Chemo that clears everything out for the Stem Cells. They say nausea is the only real side effect and they will take care of that with pre-meds. Have not had this Chemo yet
Wednesday is called REST DAY and nothing goes on til Thursday. That is then the D day for me and my new life-Kim's Stem Cells will be infused into me and we then wait and see if my body accepts then or not. Our prayers are needed on this day more than any so far
If all goes well, which I'm sure it will, I'll be home in 14 days from Thursday. Just in time for the holidays and my family
Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts
God Bless